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Dr. Kenneth E. Crutch is the Senior Pastor, CEO and founder of New Praise Christian Life Center (NPCLC). The focus of the ministry is to build people into the likeness, statue and image of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Crutch operates in the Prophetic and Teaching/Preaching gift of the five fold ministry. Called at the early age of 16 years old, Pastor Crutch committed to being a loyal son of the Gospel, preaching and proclaiming the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While serving in his local church as a teenager, Dr. Crutch met and later married the love of his life the lovely Lady Adrien D. Crutch and together they united to do the work of the Lord. In 1991, the Lord called Dr. Crutch to the office of Pastor. It was at that time Praise Temple was formed. The Lord gave Dr. Kenneth Crutch a vision to gather and restore those that are bruised, broken and bewildered, building and developing them into people of faith, purpose, power and praise. In the year 2002, Pastor Crutch was directed to re name the church New Praise Christian Life Center.

Today, New Praise Christian Life Center is a thriving multicultural ministry emphasizing prayer, the family, faith and finances. We are devoted to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Our, mission is to build people into the image, likeness and statue of Jesus Christ.. We invite you to visit with us at one of our locations; our west location in the Queens NYC area and our east location in Lynbrook Long Island, Nassau County New York

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